Traffic sign recognition systems warn the driver about various restrictions on the road
Nine out of ten accidents are due to the fact that drivers violate the rules of the road.

The main types of traffic violations that have become the causes of traffic accidents are violation of the speed limit, non-observance of the order of passage through intersections, violation of the rules for placing a car on the roadway and violation of the rules for passing a pedestrian crossing.
Traffic sign recognition systems are designed to warn the driver about various restrictions on the road, as well as send signals to the control system of an unmanned vehicle in order to realize the car's control itself and reduce the risk of an accident.

The creation of a road infrastructure recognition system will make it possible to inform the driver about valid road signs and traffic lights on the road section, which will reduce the likelihood of getting into traffic accidents due to driver inattention.

Based on the classification and segmentation methods, the following systems were trained:
Road segmentation
Traffic light recognition
Accident prediction by video recorder