Segmentation using neural networks: where and how is it applied
Neural networks are able to identify objects in a photo and segment them by parameters. Segmentation is used in medicine, navigation, security systems, construction and other areas.
Segmentation in construction is useful in everything from security to counting the volume of furniture. Before work begins, segmentation will help determine the amount of building materials from a photograph. During transportation, calculate the volume of the container. After repair - to detect defects in the finish or communications.
A neural network-based system can determine the danger from the picture and notify employees or the Ministry of Emergency Situations about this.
In medicine, segmentation saves the doctor time and helps to more accurately determine intracranial hemorrhage, tumor, excess fat in organs, and other pathologies.

Without neural networks, automatic navigation is impossible. The neural network determines the color of the traffic light, evaluates traffic and prevents accidents in real time.