Sound recognition
On the use of neural networks for the recognition of audio, sounds and music. This is a rather complex and interesting technology that finds its application in various fields

In medicine, for example, neural networks can help diagnose and treat a number of hearing-related diseases. Using neural networks, you can create a system that will automatically determine if a patient has diseases, such as tinnitus or hearing loss.

In the entertainment industry, neural networks are used to automatically classify and recognize pieces of music. This technology allows you to create more accurate recommendations of songs and improve the sound quality of music.

Finally, in the field of security, neural networks can help in the recognition of sounds associated with dangerous situations, such as gunshots or loud motor noise. This technology can be used to automatically alert security services or call emergency services.

In general, the application of neural networks for audio and sound recognition has great potential in various fields, we are sure that we will see more and more examples of the use of this technology in the future.

Examples of using
Creation of audio traps to track illegal activities in the forest, such as chainsaw operation, shots, heavy tracked vehicles.
Creation of a system for the detection of technological processes in production.