Speech algorithms and text analysis using neural networks: how and where it is applied

Neural networks are able to transcribe audio, synthesize text into audio and evaluate emotions in text
Security and Surveillance
Speech recognition is used in security systems to recognize potentially dangerous sounds: a scream, an explosion, or a hiss of gas.

Virtual assistants
Alice, Siri, Alexa use speech recognition to understand commands and respond to them.

Voice assistants and automated call centers
Text analysis and transcription are used in call centers to automate the template work of an operator. In clinics, such systems can make an appointment. In the store - to advise on the characteristics of the product. In the bank - voice the interactive menu.

Where does it apply

Speech recognition
The system can translate text into audio. We used this technology in a tool for a streaming service to silence swear words. It works like this: audio and video are divided into two streams. During the stream, the audio is translated into text and checked for stop words. If a person says a stopword on a stream, it is muted, and the audio stream is merged with the video and sent to the server. Thus, we remove unwanted words during the online broadcast.

Our cases

Evaluation of human emotions in the text
The system is able to recognize positive and negative in the text. Text sentiment recognition is used to evaluate and sort reviews, analyze news, and predict events.
In addition, the development can be used to assess the quality of negotiations between call center operators and other employees.